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IDK :D by rxtoxthexcore IDK :D :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 2
Just a job
"It'll be just for a couple hours." Benten gave Starrk a kiss on the cheek and was out and back to work. The thought of having someone to go home to was very comforting and you'd think that Benten would never think of shamelessly flirting with customers but no. That's just how the job went. Not like Starrk gave a damn anyways. He walked inside Bar Benten and went to the bathroom to check himself in the mirror. He pulled those skin tight black shorts down just a bit to where that thong of his was showing. He looked himself over with a satisfied smile before flipping that long blond hair over his shoulder and going back out to the bar, going behind the counter and putting on an apron and it was off to work.
Already people were piling in and Benten was working the charm to full capacity. He was talking with the customers, laughing at the stupid shit they said, fluttering those thick eyelashes, taking shots with them and even sitting on their laps if it would get them to buy more booze. He
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 1
ID number... by rxtoxthexcore ID number... :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 2 4 Jack makes his return by rxtoxthexcore Jack makes his return :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 0 A bond by rxtoxthexcore A bond :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 0 The Lone Ranger by rxtoxthexcore The Lone Ranger :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 3 3 I LOVE TREE by rxtoxthexcore I LOVE TREE :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 2 IT'SA ME by rxtoxthexcore IT'SA ME :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 0 1
Kirie and Dmitri stayed in bed, his arms wrapped around her. She looked... Different. Not in a bad way of course, she could never look bad in his eyes. It was just that her makeup was off, her contacts were out to show a now, slightly tan and brown eyed beauty. He almost felt honored by the fact that she showed him her true self.
She turned in his arms, kissing his forehead, nose and cheeks, running her fingers through his blond hair. She nuzzled into him, whispering sweet nothings in her native tongue. All he could get out of it was 'love', and that was good enough for him. Plus the gestures she made and the way she was touching him, he knew it was okay. They didn't need words to communicate with each other. They knew what the other was saying just by what they did.
"I love you too," he nuzzled into her neck, kissing her softly.
She grinned a little and stayed close to him, giggling. "You're catching on."
"I'm just that good," he was actually grinning now. She was the only one who wou
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 2
I Think It's Love
My eyes twinkle every time I see you
My nose twitches every time I smell your scent
My throat gets dry when I want to talk to you
My mind goes on one track every time I think of you
My heart flutters every time I hear your name.
I think it's love
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 2 3
Lizzi told me too by rxtoxthexcore Lizzi told me too :iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 0 5
A Surprise
I guess I should come right out and say this although I wish it was face to face instead of in a letter but I'm pregnant and ecstatic, I hope sooner or later you will share the same feeling. So far it hasn't been bad, the morning sickness is taking it's toll on me but that's about it. How is it over there? I heard about the Americans but not you. It's really worrying me and I hope nothing has happened. I know, normally I try to avoid asking about over there but for some reason today I just can't help it.
I will probably look different when you see me in the winter, I'll be fat. And don't say I won't be because I will. It gets very boring around here lately. Normally I wouldn't have noticed it or I'd make a trip and visit with people but I've just had no motivation, I guess it's the baby.
I hope everything is over once the baby is born, I doubt it but... Guess I should keep my hopes up.
I'm rambling and you have a lot more important things to do so I'll keep this short and just
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 6
To: Alan
My darling Alan,
I'm writing this at about seven in the morning, I know, I know, I need my rest but my stomach's saying otherwise. Now that I'm up though, I have nothing else to do. I already cleaned the house and washed the dishes... Well... dish. I'm still used to seeing several more in there... Oh! You'll like this news. I went in for my daily checkup, for the baby, and we now know the gender. Well, not for sure but it's something. Anyways, he said it's a boy. I know you were hoping for a girl but I'm pretty sure you won't mind her having another gender.
I wish you could come home sooner... Christmas is too far away. I miss having someone else in the bed with me at night. I miss hearing your laugh... I just... Miss you.
Well enough about me, how is it over there? The radio says it's going good but... I just need to see it in your own writing. I know this letter is shorter than the others but I'm not really running on anything right now, I guess I should go ahead and try and sleep...
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 2
Sometimes I wish I was taller
Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs
Sometimes I wish my forehead wasn't as big as it is
Sometimes I wish I didn't have mild cerebral palsy
Sometimes I wish I was better at writing
Sometimes I wish I was smarter
Then Sometimes I remember
I am me and I wish I wouldn't change
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 2 5
Friends until the end
Draven and Alan had a special kind of friendship. A bond that would never break. They understood each other. Knew each others faults, knew what the other was like on their 'off days' as Draven explained. They were always there for one another. Draven to try his best and calm Alan down by distracting him to calm him down and Alan to stay with Draven when he just had too much to handle.
Some people would look at them and think they were TOO close but they knew better, they just had a friendship that no one could really understand, not even Josh. There could be times that they had fights when one of them took a step too far but five minutes later they were fine and back to the way they were.
They did almost everything together: They got a job together, they went to school together and they basically lived together, they were attached at the hip. They were unstoppable. They were a team and nothing could break them, not even personal heartbreak. If something was wrong, the other would defin
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 1
Freaks of Nature
Freak is what people would call him and other names too that she didn't want to think of.... She was starting to hate that word: 'Freak'. She heard it so much when she went to elementary school and now she had to hear it again in high school, but twice as much.
She loved him, no matter how many limbs he had and he was starting to realize that. They were the same.... They both had anger issues and they were both 'freaks of nature' and Lydia wouldn't have it any other way. She loved Kristov, every inch of him. She loved his small laugh, his raspy voice, the way he held her, the way he could calm her down with soothing words.
And he loved her, her energy just astounded him. She was definitely opposite him in personality and he could care in the least. She accepted him and he accepted her. She even gave up most of her friends for him... She knew how he was.
She was also his cheerleader. Every time someone crossed a line, she was right there cheering him on. Giving him support, sometimes jo
:iconrxtoxthexcore:rxtoxthexcore 1 1

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Okay so :iconmiku-hime: is over and we went to chat roulette with the fake mustaches she made, which are EPIC, and we goooooot:

10 thumbs up
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1 person mooned us and....


But yeah, best part was this puppet, who we had a staring contest with and lost c:. Prepare for more amusing adventures.
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